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Did you know that pets age more quickly than people and might be categorized as “seniors” as early as 7? Your pet’s health care requirements alter as they age, much like ours. As your pet ages, their nutritional requirements, activity preferences, and many other parts of their daily routine can alter.

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Pet Senior Exams in Woodstock, GA

During the wellness checkup for your senior pet, you can ask us any questions or voice any concerns you may have about your pet. We invite you to participate in discussions on your pet’s medical care and welcome any questions you may have.

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Benefits of Pet Senior Exams

In your “Senior” pets (usually age seven and older), we run a “Senior Wellness Profile” yearly to be able to maintain the optimal health of your aging pet. The Senior Wellness Profile includes a complete blood chemistry panel, CBC, Thyroid test, and Urinalysis. These tests screen for liver, kidney, thyroid, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and urinary tract infections.

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