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We adore animals, and we adore seeing sick animals recover even more. Our veterinarian staff in Citrus Heights is skilled at promptly obtaining the test results required to identify and treat your pet’s problem.

Pet Radiology

Pet Radiology in Woodstock, GA

Radiology is often used in conjunction with ultrasound to get an “inside” look at our furry friends.
Pet Radiology

Our approach to Pet Radiology

Most everyone is familiar with radiographs or “x-rays.” We use radiology to help diagnose a multitude of diseases such as bony fractures, degenerative joint disease, lung disease, cardiac abnormalities, ingested foreign bodies, as well as in dentistry.

Radiology is often used in conjunction with ultrasound to get an “inside” look at our furry friends.

We utilize digital radiography at SCVH to offer the latest in technology. Digital radiography has greatly changed our ability to diagnose certain diseases as compared to conventional radiography.

Benefits of Using X-Rays

  • Early Disease Detection: Enables early detection of potential health issues or abnormalities.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: Provides detailed images for precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Non-Invasive Procedure: Unlike some diagnostic methods, radiology is non-invasive and generally well-tolerated by pets.
  • Comprehensive Internal Examination: Allows veterinarians to examine internal structures, organs, and bones.
  • Effective Monitoring: Useful for monitoring the progress of ongoing treatments or post-surgical recovery.
  • Swift Results: Offers quick results, facilitating prompt decision-making for pet care.
  • Preventive Care Planning: Aids in developing preventive care plans based on early imaging findings.
  • Painless and Stress-Free: Generally painless for pets, reducing stress during the diagnostic process.

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